7 Tips for a Perfect Runway Walk

Walking a runway may seem very simple, but it takes years of practice. You need to know the right techniques to have a smooth runway walk. It is not easy to walk in high heels, and most of the runway halls are slippery. You need to learn how to balance yourself and walk gently and stealthily just like a cat.

The following are some of the tips for a perfect runaway walk:

Keep your eyes focused straight ahead of you:

Try to focus on a particular object which is located at the corner of the hallway and concentrate on that object. There will be plenty of bright lights on the runway, so try not to focus on those lights as they might blind you and prevent you from walking properly.

Keep your chin slightly down:

While walking the runway, you need to keep your chin slightly down as there will be many people seated around you and they will be looking at you. Many photographers would try to capture your picture for various magazines. Thus you need to pose at an angle which would allow the photographers to capture good photographs of you.

Do not swing your arms too much:

While walking on the runway, we always tend to move our arms way too far. It is essential to understand that your arms must swing only as much as your body makes them. Your arms must move based on the steps that are taken. It is different for men and women, as men take steps which are different from how a woman would walk. Try to maintain a stiff upper arm and let the lower part of your arm loosen up and do the swinging.

Take long strides:

If you are a male model, then try to walk as casual as possible but keep in mind that you need to take longer steps.  Women models also need to take long strides, but it is always one foot in front of the other. When you put one foot in front of the other, you make your hips to sway and give your arms the perfect length to sway.

Maintain your posture:

Sometimes the costumes you are wearing might make you hunch. As a model, one of the most important things to do while walking down a runway is to maintain a good body posture. Photos will be taken in every angle, and you must make sure that you have an excellent posture. Always walk straight with your shoulders back. Keep your toes pointed towards the front and do not be frightened or look scared on the runway. Always remember to walk with confidence and have a commanding look which will capture the hearts of the audience. Being confident at the runway will make you a great model.