The World’s Top 5 Highest-Paid Models

Modelling is one of the fields where people are paid a lot of money. Modeling involves both fashion and brand endorsements. Not all models earn a lot of money. It all depends on what they are endorsing and which modeling agency they are a part of. Here are some of the top paid model in the international forum.

Gisele Bundchen:

With a net worth of 30.5 Million Dollars as of the year 2017, she is the most paid model of this year. She has been a part of different honor lists of Forbes as in ‘Top earning models’ and ‘World’s most powerful women in the world.’ She is also the 16th richest woman in the world. Gisele Bundchen is a Brazilian Model and has been on the international forum since the 1990s.

Adriana Lima:

Adriana is one of the supermodels and is also a senior on the list. She has been a part of the Victoria’s Secret Angel since the year 1999. This made her as one of their longest-running models. Her net worth as of the year 2017 is 10.5 Million Dollars. Adriana is also the spokesmodel for Maybelline Cosmetics. She earned her first recognition as a model when she was as young as 15 years old. She was named as the Supermodel of the World. She received the honor from the renowned modeling agency Fords.

Karlie Kloss:

Karlie Kloss rose to prominence when she was a part of the Victoria’s Secret Angel crew from 2011 to 2014. Kloss is a model as well as an entrepreneur. Her career has always been inclined upwards. She started her career as a model in the year 2006, and it has taken a decade for her to establish herself as one among the top 5 models of the world. But still, she is just 25 years old, which means the graph is not bad. Karlie Kloss earns a gross of 10 Million Dollars as of 2017

Kendall Jenner:

Kendall Jenner is both a model and a television personality. Jenner is just 22 years old, but she almost rules the international platform in the Fashion and Modeling Industry. She has been a part of a large number of international promotions and brand endorsement with a short period of her career. She was earlier in the 16th position in the top-earning models from which she has risen to this position. She is all on the list of the top 15 most followed celebrities on the social platform. She is paid about 10 Million Dollars in the year 2017

Gigi Hadid:

This little American has managed to become one of the top earning models at a tender age of 22. She is one of the recent models who rose to prominence in a very short span. She is a part of the IMG Modeling Agency which she signed in the year 2013. Since the year 2013, there is no turning. She was ranked one among the top 50 models and was also named as the International Model of the Year. This honor was given to her by the British Fashion Council. Quite an honor for an American. She is paid about 9 Million Dollars as of 2017.